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Help is Needed

A smuggler puts Ahmed in a truck with 15 other refugees. It is a long journey and they are suffocating. On the 7 of April the 7 year-old boy sends a SMS text. They are all rescued.

People in need are increasingly reliant on helplines for support. The impact of helplines is invaluable, building resilience, providing vital information and emotional support.

But service users are now using a variety of ways to connect. 32% of people would rather text you than talk to you, and 51% of teens would rather communicate digitally than in person, even with friends. Messaging apps and social media are also growing.

HELPText+ integrates call transcripts and text messages from various sources (e.g. SMS text, Facebook Messenger) onto a single web interface to make them easy to manage.

With HELPText+ your service users will be able to find you wherever they are.

HelpText+ Message Management Platform

With HelpText you will be able to respond to calls and messages on mobile or web, saving the costs associated with call centres.

Using HelpText you will open and close cases, categorise them by topic and respond to them according to their urgency.

This valuable feature will give you a deep insight into the needs of your users, enabling you to manage your resources more effectively.

Is Your Helpline Ready?

HELPText+ is a platform designed exclusively to empower non-profit helplines like yours. You will be able to easily provide safe, secure, and confidential support across channels.

Whether you have many case-workers or just a couple, full time or at specific times of the day, the platform will help you manage your users' expectations.

And you have our commitment that we will upgrade the system continuously, to enable your helpline to keep up with your users. So that you can keep doing what you do best: HELP.

Features: Help is at Hand

Reach Out

Calls and messages answered on mobile or web client.


Cases answered according to severity and topic.

Set Best Practice

Logs of messages & calls to assess service & establish best practice.

Show Impact

Clear data to assess and show impact.


Better understanding of user needs to forecast and plan assistance.


Low running costs, no need for call centre, no 9 to 5.

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